Friday, January 23, 2009

Terrible-sounding movie breeds a great Photoshopped image

Came across this totally-fake yet totally-brilliant Photoshop job earlier, and felt it'd be a crime for me to not share it with the six people who regularly check my site out.

Backstory: 50 Cent, or "the worst actor alive; see Righteous Kill for proof" (a Matt Barone quote), has been trying to get this movie called The Dance made for at least a year now, where he'd play a prison inmate/boxer who's recruited by some more-powerful dude (Nicolas Cage) for some kind of money-earning fight circuit. I guess. Nicolas Cage has become the N.O.R.E of Hollywood, a once-strong talent who has progressively gone to shit. Pair him with Curtis No-act-son and I'm sure the result would be enough to cause a Scanners-like outbreak of exploding heads in the theater. That, or simply a mass exodus of early-exit-walkers. But both scenarios are possibilities now, since 50 started a film production company and The Dance is one of his top priorities to make. Yikes.

All that now explained, here's the picture inspired by said news story about The Dance:


Genius. Step Up 2 The Streets of Queens

Picture made over at: Film Drunk

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