Friday, January 23, 2009

Hoop Spleens/Leg Splints

Was talking about WPIX/Channel 11's old, amazing "Shocktober" ritual with a co-worker before, and I brought up the forgotten Wes Craven flick Deadly Friend, which starred the once-girl-of-my-dreams Kristy Swanson as a girl who dies but is then brought back to life by her BFF. But, being a cheesy horror movie, she of course comes back a bit less normal, a bit more homicidal.

This scene says it all. And if you seriously think this scene needs any real analysis or justification, I don't even wanna know you.

And then there's this fellow "Shocktober" flick, the so-inferior-to-its-predecessor-that-its-scary Creepshow 2. Inferior, yes, but not without its fair share of great moments, this being numero uno (skip to the 5:20 mark). This image fucked up me for years, and still makes me wince like a little bitch:

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