Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Late Night shift, 2009

This dude is going to be the most awkward host on the tube. That much is obvious. And my spidey sense is giving off heavy "he'll totally suck at it" vibes, but we'll just have to wait and see. The one positive here, though, is that Conan O'Brien will be on an hour earlier, giving me an extra hour of sleep to work with, finally. Staying up 'til 1am just to watch my dude Conan takes its toll.

This weblog, vlog, whatever-the-fuck-people-call-these-things only proves just how annoying Jimmy Fallon is, and will surely be when he starts hosting Late Night, but there is one ray of hope here: this clip proves that he did, in fact, have the wise sense to hire The Roots as his in-house band. And that's certainly something to applaud:

***And Jay Leno in primetime now, huh? Just what primetime needs: another unfunny show. Have you watched The Chin's program in the last five years or so? Its like a retarded group of kindergarten students comprise his writing staff. Just a shame.

UPDATE: Just came across this, Conan's response from last night to this "Leno in primetime" ordeal, which pretty much sucks for our redheaded friend, stealing much thunder from his once-prestigious new Tonight Show gig. Here's why Conan is, and forever will remain, that dude:

Well played, sir.

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