Thursday, February 5, 2009

Note to The Ram: This is not a good look.

The last thing I'd ever consider myself, or want people to think I'm attempting to emulate, is a "fashion head." If you've ever seen how I dress myself in the morning, you'd concur. I'm no slob, but I do keep it simple as grade school arithmetic.

When a celeb that I've regularly included on this blog/site steps out of his hotel room in what can only be considered "style WTF," however, I can't help but notice. Today, such a poorly-garbed talent is Mickey Rourke, in this disaster:


Sheesh. Like some deformed bastard child birthed by a VR Trooper costume and a Motocross uniform, if clothes could procreate.

The man is still an unparalleled actor, and his life-story is compelling like none other. Now, just imagine the secondary quotes his mirrors could divulge. Those that are still in one piece, of course.

***Okay, don't think I'll ever do another "comment on somebody's fashion" post again. Just didn't feel comfy.

Pics spotted over at (where more pics can be seen): The Superficial

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