Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just watched Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.....

....and now I'm totally crushin' on
Kat Dennings

....while also feeling something special for
Ari Graynor

On the whole, pretty cool little film. Wasn't laughing out loud much, but I was pleasantly entertained and charmed throughout. Michael Cera's whole uncomfortably-sweet routine is getting a bit old, lucky for him he had Ms. Dennings and her adorableness to save the day. And I'd hit the bar with Ms. Graynor any day, and then even whip up a turkey sandwich for her.


Since Cera is in both, I'm justifying I initially deemed "lazy and cliche": comparisons to Juno. That being said, I think I'm preferring Nick & Norah over Juno. Yeah, I totally am. Cera's "Nick" is from Hoboken, too, so its inevitable, really.

No worries, Ellen Page. We'll always have Hard Candy.

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