Monday, February 2, 2009

50 Cent once again proves his dominance.....Christian Bale spazzes

Normally, I wouldn't even pay something like this enough time-of-day to discuss it in Barone's World (that's not me being pretentious, by the way; it's just the name of this blog site, 'tis all). But this atom-bomb of a chess move that 50 Cent has hit Rick Ross with deserves as much recognition as possible. It's just that unbelievable, and further proof that, thanks to the almighty Internet, there are no rules of any kind left out here.

For those who are unaware and do actually care, Rick Ross initially went at 50 a couple weeks ago in a new record called "Mafia Music," prompting 50 to respond with "Officer Ricky," named after Ross' pre-rap career as a corrections officer. This out-of-bounds-but-brilliant video is 50's latest (and greatest) strike.




Here's another celebrity-soundbite totally worth posting. It's Christian Bale flipping his shit on some poor Director of Photography who messed up a shot while filming Terminator Salvation. Bale's fury is like that damn Energizer keeps going, and going, and going. Seriously, it's pretty astonishing just how long he drags this rant on for:

TMZ's audio of that bitch-fit (now) heard 'round the world

Somebody get the man some Bat-Tranquilizers.

UPDATE: How about this, A "Christian Bale Tirade (Remix)" made in a matter of hours. Amazing, this Internet shit is boundless:

And, for old time's favorite piece of Bale-centric web junk, ever:

The Christian Bale/Kermit the Frog Split Screen Experiment

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