Friday, November 28, 2008

"Through the lights, cameras, and action, glamour, glitters and gold...."

One of the top 5 beats ever (IMO) + two of my present-day favorite MCs (plus Guilty Simpson) = good shit, man. Good shit.

Still holds not even half a candle to the original (really, though, if you combined Royce and Elzhi into one Lyrical Machine, it'd still pale in comparison to Nas' verse), but just to hear some fresh voices over this masterpiece of sparse macabre is worth noticing.

Royce Da 5'9, Guilty Simpson, Elzhi "Verbal Intercourse (Detroit Remix)"

***Bonus: I found this on three sequences of 2008, movie wise; I actually went back to the theater the next afternoon, solo, after seeing this opening night, just to bask in this part again (didn't hurt that the film as a whole is a triumph of minimalism); whoever had the notion to use a skipping-record as this scene's score is a damn scholar and gentleman:

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