Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keep on milking her Z-list status? Yes, she can.

Like many, I've never fully supported the idea of an "Obama Girl," regardless of how hot she is or how campy her homemade music video was. And how she's still being photographed in a quasi-celeb light baffles (the below show is from a recent photo op). Can't knock her slick sense of self-marketing, but come on. "Enough is enough." I get it.

But taken on her own physical merits (face, smile, curves, etc), tell me she's not the sexiest thing around. Consider this a pointless post, meant for little other than ogling. Besides, in a world full of undeserving famous folk, Obama Girl isn't the worst. Or most infuriating. So deal with it, and get all googly-eyed.


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