Wednesday, October 29, 2008

thanks, Richard Dreyfuss....

Still sifting through the post-game imprints left by the pretty-sure-it's-great Synecdoche, New York, by the way.

Only posting this following clip because Richard Dreyfuss (who plays Dick Cheney in Oliver Stone's W., the George Bush biopic) pretty much nails my own take on the film. An opinion I've been struggling to put into word-form since I saw W. on Sunday with my pops. Though, I'd change my "good film" quotient down to like 5/8 of a great flick, or 4.5 even, not the 6/8 that Senor Dreyfuss says here.

But his I-don't-care-that-this-dude-just-employed-me honesty regarding Oliver Stone's execution is pretty cool, can't lie. Good to see you back, Richie.

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