Tuesday, October 28, 2008

further proof that The Hills is boob-tube ass

Anybody who knows me is aware of my hatred for The Hills and everything it stands for/has spawned/has destroyed, etc.

So, of course it brings great joy to see David Letterman---who seems to get off on putting dumbass undeserving celebs (say, Paris Hilton, for another example) rather than faking it and attempting to treat them like real talents---turn his filter off here, expectedly. Sort of wish he would've went in a bit harsher, but you clearly detect his feelings of "this girl is a moron, not sure why I'm interviewing her, but let me make the best of this waste of time." Though, that "living in a tree" line was pretty sharp.

And yes, Spencer is a weasel. And a jackass. And a full-blown toolbox. And the biggest ass on the planet.....oh, and nice "15 minutes" zinger, Lauren. See, I'm not a total hater.

Lauren Conrad is the kind of girl I should be hooking up with in Hoboken, not watching start her own mega-money empire for no good reason.....but I'm just saying.

Seriously, all zillion of you.....how can you actually watch and care about The Hills? Try to defend yourselves. Doubt you can, convincingly.

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