Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An early holiday shopping idea, for M.B.'s stocking....

If anybody who knows and/or likes me needs a Christmas gift idea to bless yours truly with, here's one:


....and here's the close-up.....

"You ever wonder what Stuntman Mike, Pam, Mr. Pink, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Vincent Vega, Jules, Elle Driver, The Bride, Bill, Max Cherry, Jackie Brown, Butch and Marsellus Wallace were like as kids? Well, wonder no more." Says the tagline on the Dutch Southern (brand creative enough to design this kick-ass T-shirt) website.

I swear, I'd totally wear this shirt if somebody bought it for me. Quentin Tarantino's coolest characters as rugrats, all together at once? "Screen printed on an American Apparel olive tee"? Yes, please. Only 18 beans, too. A fuckin' highway robbery, if you ask me.

Dutch Southern has some other fine pieces of upperb-body-garb on their site, also, such as "Dance Off" (Thriller-zombie Michael Jackson, Peter Boyle's monster from Young Frankenstein, and a dude who's either Teen Wolf or an Ape from the Planet cutting some rug), and "Hope for a Better Tomorrow" (Mad Max, Snake Plissken, and Chuck Heston from that Planet with those damn dirty apes).

Oh, and for attribution's sake, this was first spotted at (I'm good like that; I'd hate it if somebody jocked my fresh---uggh, I actually just said that---and didn't acknowledge....not that anybody from actually reads this site, but whatever).

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