Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen robots revealed via Toys 'R' Us fodder

I've still yet to figure out why the Transformers toys and mythology wasn't a larger part of my childhood. See, I was aware of it all, and knew the skeletal basics well enough to get by while my friends would engage in girl-repelling geek debates over who was cooler, Optimus Prime or Soundwave. So for me to sit here and ramble on with reactions to the following characters designs of Devastator and The Fallen as they'll be seen in Michael Bay's forthcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen would not only be dishonest---it'd make your nine-year-old cousin sound like Aristotle while discussing the problems he sees in this Devastator look.

Still, though, I thoroughly enjoyed Bay's first Transformers flick, despite acknowledging all of its faults and exaggerations and blah blah blah. Leap off your high horse, haters, and just enjoy the thing for what it is: a huge-budget eye-orgy of aliens, robots, and Megan Fox. Thus, naturally, I'm pretty excited about this summer's darker, beefier sequel, and that quick teaser commercial seen during the Super Bowl left me content. And these Devastator and The Fallen designs look rather cool to me, so I'm even more anticipatory now.

See for yourselves:


The Fallen


Speaking of Transformers stuff.....this video may have passed you by back when it initially hit. If so, you must watch. It's one of the funnier Youtube-era mock skits I've seen:

Designs spotted over at: Ain't It Cool News

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