Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greatly Unmet Expectations


So, I've seen this, up close and personal. Admittedly, though in a pool of shame, I was anticipating the pics with boyish glee. Ms. O'Day is perhaps the hottest blond chick in the game, says I. And I'm not a real blonde-preferring" guy, so that's saying a bunch, I'd think. She's slutty as hell, and far from an ideal role model for little blonde girls, but I'm not a little blonde girl. I'm a 27-year-old dude, and gorgeous chicks with reckless demeanors will never go out of style. Wanna fight about it?

Unfortunately, though, the pictures inside don't cut the cheese for me. Topless shot, included, but overall nothing close to what I'd hoped for. Touched-up beyond belief, even more so than my magazine-employee-self can let slide. Some of the shots look more like smut-paintings than pics-of-a-human-being.

I'm still privately wishing that I could bump into this woman while we're both at the same club, neither one of us quite "sober." Not even a disappointing Playboy spread could squash that.

I should make a point to read that Flight of the Conchords interview, however. That show has become a new favorite.

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