Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This force-of-nature is in Friday the 13th....The casting director deserves a raise.

Tonight's still the night, when I finally get to watch the blood, machetes, boobies, and hockey masks of the new Friday the 13th. Very excited, and keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't turn out to be another My Bloody Valentine 3D (a slasher reboot that I awaited anxiously, only to be entertained while watching but then left indifferent and forgetful like less than two days after).

Since I've yet to see the actual film, though, I can't offer any feedback, and I have a separate Friday-pegged post idea I'm going to delve into later tonight. The itch to cover it further has been un-scratch-able, so I've been pondering: What Friday item appeals to me the most for the time being?

Answer: the appearance, albeit brief from what I'm speculating, of one America Olivo. A new wondrous face-and-body who apparently has a rather awesome death scene in this new Friday the 13th. The first I'd heard of Olivo, my latest crush-rush, came amidst my fascination of the hopefully-will-be-seen-this-year indie exploitation romp Bitch Slap, a chicks-kick-ass flick that features a bevy of hotties, the hottest being Miss Olivo. Then, I discovered that she has an obscure background in campy horror films, and I was twice attracted, and then came her placement in Friday the 13th, and I was totally at mast. She's also supposed to pop up briefly in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which is also nice.

Enough of me talking her up and down, though; all the words and sentiments are best left said via these:


Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship/lusting-for.

***She even has her own website, which houses tons more make-me-happy pics:

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