Sunday, February 8, 2009

Observe and Report trailer finally hits....

...and, as expected, it's Paul Blart: Mall Cop's evil twin brother. The one who gives Paul swirlies and fucks his female friends after beating up Paul's loser friends.

Here's a new (red-band, or "R-rated") trailer that I've been anxiously waiting on for months now. Interviewed the writer/director, Jody Hill, of it for a freelance assignment, and he totally sold the shit out of this one. Declarations such as "inspired by shit like Taxi Driver" led me to believe that the man took Seth Rogen miles away from his comfort zone for a dark, violent, non-safe comedy.

Hill also indulged in some foreign horror geekouts with me (specifically geared around Inside), so needless to say the man is cool as hell in my book. So I'm rooting for him, and I'll be tuned in next Sunday for the premiere of his new HBO series Eastbound & Down, which he co-created, and directed the first episode of. Useless trivia: Hill plays the dude in Superbad who announces to the entire house party that Jonah Hill's character has period blood on his jeans.

Here's Observe and Report, his mainstream directorial debut that's quite far from "mainstream" in terms of tone and recklessness, and that's always welcome:

Hmmmm. Somewhat let down, not entirely disappointed. Not as hilarious-looking as I'd hoped, but I'm still optimisitic. The film's supposed "nihilistic comedy" vibe is apparent, which makes me happy, and Anna Faris is looking finer than ever. And the montage at trailer's end shows glimpses of some fisticuffs and skateboards-to-skulls that give me levels of anticipation-comfort. Most importantly, though, is that I feel like the trailer hasn't spoiled the film's funniest/strongest moments, like too many do; rather, seems like the big shots are being saved for the actual movie. What a notion, huh? If only those behind Quarantine had thought of that before ruining 75%of the flick in the trailer.

We'll see the end result, come early April.

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