Monday, February 9, 2009

Jason Voorhees' Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

If you're up on this week's big/new film release, then it should come as no surprise that I'm impatiently waiting my chance to see it. By "it," of course, I'm referring to the Friday the 13th "reimagining." Thanks to my favorite job perk, I'll be seeing the flick a couple of days early, on Wednesday night.

The Evolution of Sir Jason Voorhees.....whoever made this is both a scholar and a gentleman

This being the film's release week and all, I've had the Friday films on the brain tons. The Jason Voorhees franchise isn't one that I'm super clingy to, like I am with, say, George Romero's Dead series, but that's not to imply that I'm no fan. On the contrary, I love watching every one of them (save for the totally useless Jason X piece-of-shit). I just realize that, aside from the first one, none of them hold even a shred of suspense, and are all pretty shitty movies. The entertainment and schlock factors are consistently ripe, though, so I'm on the Camp Crystal Lake team.

It's also a welcome change for me in that this new remake is a rarity---a reboot that I'm actually fully in favor of, rather than condemning it as a lazy, unnecessary raping of a stellar original. There's plenty of improvement-room with the Friday the 13th flicks. Hopefully the new filmmakers follow through on such potential.

So, in honor of this weekend's Friday the 13th, I have a couple of related posts in mind. The more personal one, I'll write up on Wednesday before I go see the flick. For now, I've tracked down an awesome Youtube compilation of one person's (who isn't me, though I'm basically in agreement with said person) 40 favorite kills all the kills from the first eight Fridays. I've watched twice already, in a matter of 30 minutes. Sick like that, I am. True story.

It's the time you get to like the 1:45 mark, shit is overboard and cheesy that you can't help but giggle with every subsequent dispatch. There-in lies the charm of the Friday films---so beyond natural mayhem, so deep into slasher extremities that any true horror head sits back and basks in the absurdity.

Pound for pound, Friday the 13th has to be the goriest, most splatter-ific horror franchise of all time. The champ is back.

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