Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm kinda drunk, and watching trailer-perfection. Deal with it.

Feeling a bit tipsy right now (fucking 40 oz of Corona....who knew it'd pack as much of a punch, huh? Surely not I), so this really is a pointless post, but fuck-a-duck it. Was thinking of this trailer earlier today, how much I adored it, so I went back to Youtube to re-watch, four years later, for the shits and giggles of it. And yes, it still holds up. I'm not hesitant to say it may very well be the perfect trailer, and one of the best ever. Yes, I do think so.

And the movie itself kicked some ass, even though I hated on it for a good year prior to its release, simply because it was a remake of my all-time favorite movie. But well done, Zack Snyder and James, as the lame rap cliche goes, showed & proved.

Fuckin' tell me....if you'd never seen it before, and knew nil about it, you wouldn't rush out to see that shit based off this trailer. It's sickness, minus the antidote(s).

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