Sunday, November 30, 2008

Netflix Fix --- Miller's Crossing


I'm tired, so nothing in-depth will be said. But yeah, this movie is awesome. It's storytelling like this that seriously sends my mind into need-to-focus overdrive. And then there's the actual filmmaking aspects, all spot-on-the-mark.

A must-see, if you've yet to do so.

***Before watching the following video, do realize that this should, in no way, trivialize the actual film. I just think it's wild that somebody actually thought to score a montage of Miller's Crossing scenes with "Squeeze 1st." If you're the kind of chap who loves both Coen Brothers' movies and Jay-Z tunes, this shit is like tasty fettucine alfredo topped with filet mignon.

And, hell f'n yeah, the scene where Albert Finney's "Leo" thwarts the would-be-assassins with endless tommygun-fire is a thing of violent beauty.

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