Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new Watchmen footage = geek-gasm/new Friday the 13th

Unfortunately, I missed the Spike TV "Scream Awards" last night, though I plan on catching a rerun. Well, maybe not, now that the sole reason I was going to watch anyway has popped up on glorious Youtube.

A new trailer for Watchmen, with more meat than before. I must say, I'm pretty much stunned at how Zack Snyder has captured the comic's imagery, from what I'v seen already. And there was a private test screening last week out in LA, and the feedback sounded A-OK to me. Bring this shit on, Warner Bros.; don't push the release back, or else I'll summon Ozymandias' giant killer squid on your offices. Especially since [SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO'S READ THE COMIC] word has it that the massive, city-smashing, good-will-intending-yet-blood-shedding squid is a no-go in movie form. Bummer.

Check it, in kinda-shitty quality, but good enough for me:

Yeah, shall re-read the comic a few more times before this shit comes out (fingers crossed) in March.

***Here's a bonus, the second reason for yours truly to peep the Scream Awards....the quick teaser for the upcoming Friday the 13th remake.

A remake (or reboot, whichever they're labeling it as) I'm actually somewhat-optimistic about. I'm part of the "the original Friday movies, though charming and entertaining as hell, were all quite shite, really, so a re-doing has potential, if handled properly and not like some bullshit Haunting of Molly Hartley dreck." Something tells me I'm going to like this one....[UPDATE: HD version available now, posted here, do enjoy, or hate on]

Friday The 13th in HD

Must admit....that "jayy jayy jayy, ba ba ba," or however it'd be spelled, still gives me the giddy schoolboy chills.

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