Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Way to fuck up your Oscar chances, Mickey Rourke!

I mean, saying you'll be "wrestling during Wrestlemania" while walking the Screen Actors Guild awards red carpet, with a hint of humor, and then challenging Chris Jericho outright, is all in good fun.

And then actually going on Larry King's show to debate with Jericho is a somewhat-clever publicity stunt.

But not when you're a month away from (possibly, hopefully, very well could) winning the Best Actor award. The Academy doesn't exactly respect gimmicky, kinda-hokey moves like this. Has he shot himself in the foot here? I'd like to hope not, but fuck if I don't think he has just waved his statue "bye/good," Joaquin Phoenix-style.

I'd love to be proven wrong here, however, come Oscar night. Rourke deserves the prize, and this whole Wrestlemania jazz could blow over and be forgotten within a week. Optimism, employed.

Admittedly, would be rather awesome to watch Rourke flatten Jericho with a top-rope-triggered "Ram Jam." I'd pay to see that (if no-pay-per-view Youtube didn't exist, of course).

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