Saturday, January 31, 2009

Son (Me) Got [Rec]!

After almost a year of wanting it, needing it, getting tired of watching it in shitty quality Torrent file-form on the of the top three horror films to be made within the last five years (possibly more) has joined the elite ranks of my DVD collection.

Thanks, the Canadian division of and your Region 1 ways:

Just in case you don't know, or forgot (or weren't checking out my little site during Quarantine's pre-release months), [Rec] is totally-insane-and-amazing Spanish flick that Quarantine offered a surprisingly-worthy American version of. [Rec] is the superior one, naturally, but kudos to Quarantine for holding its own. No easy task.

For those who want to see this, hit me on the hip (means call my cell), and we;ll schedule something. It'd be both my honor and pleasure.'s the shit.

And don't dare come at me with that inexcusable "Oh, but it has subtitles, forget that then" jargon. You'll immediately be dissed and dismissed.

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