Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweden has more to offer than hot blonde women....A pleasant surprise.

When it comes to A+ horror, should I be looking over at Sweden just as much as I am toward France? Last year's Let the Right One In first snapped Sweden's fingers to grab my attention, and now comes this new trailer for a flick called Psalm 21 that looks quite great.

Psalm 21 trailer

Official Synopsis: Psalm 21 is a thriller about Henrik, a modern young priest living in Stockholm. He has nightmares about his dead mother. One day, he recieves word from the coronary in a remote village, deep in the dark woods of Nothern Sweden: his father, a priest himself, has drowned. The circumstances of the drowning are unexplained.

Henrik drives through the endless forests of Northern Sweden up to the desolate village of his father to investigate the circumstances of his demise. As he learns more about the drowning - and about his father - the door to the unknown cracks open. Shadows from the past emerge from the void. They return to our world with one specific purpose.


The sad, harsh truth of the matter is that, like every other foreign film that excites me in potent measure, it'll be many moons before I get to see this Psalm 21 business. Fucking passports and expensivve airfare.

Trailer and synopsis first spotted over at: Dread Central

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